Will SEO Continue Even Without PageRank?

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Google Page Rank Image Google seems to have confirmed by the end of the last year that it is not going to bring in further updates to the PageRank indicator present in the Google Toolbar. The announcement was made by John Mueller of Google Switzerland (Watch video below). This recent development from the world of Google has made many businesses wonder about the future of SEO and its importance. It is important to note here that although the PageRank as a major rank deciding factor is going to go away, Google is still going to use some kind of internal ranking system to evaluate sites that are more user friendly. In reality, Google actually makes use of more than 200 factors to evaluate the quality of a website, out of which PageRank is only a single factor. The decision to not update PageRank anymore in the future has more to do with reducing it in importance as a deciding factor for ranking, rather than doing away with the concept of site evaluation as a whole.

As for those people who are wondering about the future of SEO and how this change is going to affect their online businesses, they only need to remember that their approach to the practice of ranking websites is and will be the sole deciding factor in this regard. Google handles billions of searches on a daily basis and they want simply what is best for their users and researchers. On the other hand, the businesses simply want to attain the best rankings and increase their overall return on investments. To make sure that the users and researchers are always receiving the best and most reliable services from site owners, it comes up from time to time with different methods to check for unnatural methods used by businesses to secure better rankings in the search engines. These include the likes of Penguin, Panda and Pigeon algorithm updates. Although some businesses never get affected by these algorithm changes, there are numerous companies whose online ranking and business gets badly affected by them. This is so because they never followed ethical business practices in the first place and attained better ranking in the SERPs through SEO malpractices.

If you are someone who have consistently practiced sound SEO techniques, then you must be aware of the importance of well written, relevant content when it comes to securing good ranks in Google. Sites that present reliable content to the users and do not force hard sells have a far greater chance to be positively seen by Google than the ones that do not. While we are all aware of the fact that creating internal link structures are a good way to bring more visitors to your site, abusing this technique can ultimately lead to being penalized as soon as any new algorithm update comes along. Link building should be practiced essentially for citing the sources that have covered similar stories and sentences.

If the content of your site is relevant to the topic chosen and appeals to large number of readers or audiences, which naturally makes other blogs and newsworthy sites to cite your site as a source, then this is known as natural linking. However, the problem with linking is that numerous SEO professionals throughout the world are in the habit of deliberately manipulating a process that should have taken place on its own. The small business enterprises keen to get better ranks would just do anything to reach the first page of the search results. Digitally operating businesses that use the services of such SEO firms are happy with the higher rankings that they get from such malpractices. However as soon as Google takes an action against them, their ranks drop overnight and they are back to square one from where they started in the first place. Then they are left with nothing to do but carry out damage control measures to recover from such blows.

Professionals like John Mueller and Matt Cutts are viewing thousands of websites on a daily basis and consider it important for Google to penalize sites that get involved in the practice of sketchy link building that rests on questionable PageRank manipulations and improper guest posting procedures. In keeping with the spirit of the trends discussed above, we may say that unless companies practice ethical SEO procedures the process itself is going to die or wilt away in time. As a business organization looking to attain success through online marketing, you need to follow the three points discussed below to see your site is getting the attention it rightfully deserves.

  • If you are the owner of a small business, do not waste your time and efforts as well as those of others by optimizing your site for the global platform. As a local business, all of your buyers are literally in your backyard, and so it would mean nothing to promote your enterprise in an international scale.
  • When you are hiring the services of an SEO firm, make sure that you are appointing a reliable firm to handle your optimization requirements. If you are just trying to get to the first page of the SERPs by simply paying your way, then there is a high chance that Google will penalize you for that sooner or later. While nobody minds the implementation of SEO strategies to get good ranking on the web, make sure that you only practice methods that are ethically sound.
  • It is fairly easy to spot SEO firms that practice improper means to get their clients the rankings they want. Always avoid the SEO professionals that make use of such techniques as mass comment spam and questionable profile links and directory links. Most of these services cost a company a good deal of money, which makes a company think that they are investing in something worthwhile. However, as soon as they are negatively marked by Google, they understand that what their sites have been through. The only thing that is left for them to do then is to take proper measures to regain their earlier position in the SERPs.

Cyrus Yung has been generating sales & marketing leads through Pay-Per-Click marketing via Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing & Bing since 2008. He used to be a naval diver before he left to join one of Asia’s largest seminar organizer company in 2006. Having worked and organized some of the largest seminars in Singapore, he left in 2008 to pursue his passion for internet entrepreneurship. With a proven track record of generating more than 32,000 qualified sales leads from 2008 to 2020, he helps companies in Singapore to build various online properties with high traffic & converting sales.

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