Google Panda Algorithm: What Not and What To Do

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Google PandaGoogle Panda (named after a Google engineer’s nickname) algorithm was introduced on 23rd February 2011 by Google. It’s main aim was to target “content farms”, designed to penalize websites with ‘thin’ content, and pages with very high ad-to-content ratios. Google Panda caused a lot of siring in the SEO world, where a lot of websites (sites that fit into what Google Panda is targeting) were not found on the SERPs in Google. Thus their traffic went down almost to zero in a day. See image below for example.

Google PandaFirstly, I would like to share with you why Google introduced Google Panda and Google Penguin initially.

The Reason Why?

Google is all about user experience and the user experience is revenue for Google. If that user experience decreased in numbers, meaning lesser people using Google to search, thus their revenue in Adwords ($50 billions in 2012) will decrease too. Google does not want to see this happen. They want the good quality content sites to be shown to the users thus providing better user experiences. This is why Google had to introduced Google Panda.

This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.

You can read more at Google Official Blog: Finding more high-quality sites in search.

Google Panda Penalizes on;

1) Websites that provide weak, thin duplicated and rewritten content.

If most web pages in your site do not have in-depth content, it’s best that you remove indexes of those pages. Even if it’s a short paragraph (less than 100 words) and no images, you should be careful not to post too much of it. Example can be found at the end of this post.

2) Websites that have little content and many ads.

The ratio of ads to content where ads has more visibility on the page is bad. The main reason why these type of sites are targeted by Google Panda is that they are usually software created type of websites. They do not have any value proposition giving to the online users. Instead these ads infested sites only want the online users to click on the ads so the owner can make money.  See example at the end of post.

3) User-generated content websites that allow poor writers writing poor low quality content.

This can be found in websites using forum and blogging platform like WordPress or Blogspot. That is why you have to approve these comment postings before they are indexed by the search engines. Some black hat guys may engage outsourced writers to write comments or additional content on those posts. 

4) Over-optimization of websites.

It simply means the web page has a specific keyword that it targeted to rank, for example “Halal Catering Services”. The keywords will be shown a few times in the content. This is called keyword density within the content. The other type of over-optimization is the use of the same anchor text linking to the same page. This can cause your website to be hit by Google Panda.

To win Google Panda or be it’s friend?

i) Always create original, unique, useful, high quality content for your website. Content is still king on the Internet. That is why your website has to continuously create content that interest people. Our team here in Ascelade helps our clients to write engaging and unique content to the readers, you may want to find our content writing & blogging service here.

ii) Do not post duplicate content. As duplicate content does not add value to user experience, Google generally does not like sites that post duplicate content. Unless content is newsworthy and you link it back to the originator, Google will not penalize your site as long as you do not overdo this.

iii) Do not write and post content on article directories and linking back. Google has devalued most of the article directories on the Internet because they have the same content linking back to the same web page and may be using the same anchor text as well. Currently, most of the good article directories are doing their best to block those users (like the black hat guys) from submitting the same content from other article directories.

Latest News on Google Panda

As we can see from the Google Panda Updates (see below),  Google plans to integrate Google Panda Algorithm into their main algorithm. Google Panda will continue to upgrade its algorithm to fight against sites that do not provide content valuable to the online users.

In Ascelade, we have the resources to help those whose websites are hit by Google Panda and help to regain their web traffic again. Do contact us for consultation for your web presence and traffic. We will continue to update this post whenever there is new update or upgrade to Google Panda.

Google Panda Updates

1) 24th February 2011
2) 11th April 2011
3) 10th May 2011
4) 16th June 2011
5) 23rd July 2011
6) 12th August 2011
7) 28th September 2011
8) 19th October 2011
9) 18th November 2011
10) 18th January 2012
11) 27th February 2012
12) 23rd March 2012
13) 19th April 2012
14) 27th April 2012
15) 9th June 2012
16) 25th June 2012
17) 24th July 2012
18) 20th August 2012
19) 18th September 2012
20) 27th September 2012
21) 5th November 2012
22) 21st November 2012
23) 21st December 2012
24) 22nd January 2013
25) 18th March 2013
26) 21st May 2014

Example of Ads Infested Site

Full Of Ads Sites

Updated as of 20th July 2013

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