5 Different Types Of Tagline

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Tag Line

A company tagline is usually seen with your company name and logo. It can range from one to three short sentences.

There are 3 main uses of the tagline:

          1) It helps to convey your company’s goal, value or unique selling preposition.

                (Reinforces the company’s message.)

          2) It helps to show brand personality.

          3) It helps to differentiate your company from competitors.

Since we know the advantages of having a tagline, now let’s take a look at the common types of tagline. You may use them as a guide or inspiration.  

Tagline #1 – A Strong Claim That Influence Purchasing Decision

This type of tagline usually tells customers that “only we have or do this”.  Use this if your company can really deliver what you say and if your claim does affect buyers’ decision to buy your products/services. For example, there’s no point in saying “we have the largest number of workers” if your company is selling machine.

Another pitfall you need to take note is your claims have to be factual and objective.  Tagline that goes like “we are the best XX” is subjective and disputable. So go for something that is measurable like biggest, largest or lowest instead if you really can reach the high bar. 


Some examples of this type of tagline are:  

Amazon: “Earth’s Biggest Book Store.”

Walmart: “Always low prices.”

Tagline #2 – Show The Benefits

A strong claim can be about benefits but not all claims are about benefits. Thus, I group another type of tagline that is used to highlight what the company can do for the customer. This selling point do not have to unique but it must also help to push your customer to buy your products or use your services. Thus this is a much better choice than tagline #1 if you are a small company.

For example:

Boots: ‘Feel better, look better’

Dell: ‘The power to do more’

Leo Burnett: ‘Creating ideas and building brands that truly matter to people’

Tagline #3 – Showcase The Company

This group talks mainly about the company itself. It can be the company’s core value/attitude, main goal, or simply a factual statement about the company.

For example:

Apple tagline - Think differentApple: ‘Think different’ (It implies the company ability to think out of the box.)

Nike: ‘Just Do It’ (It reflects the company and customers’ attitude.)

eBay: ‘The world’s online marketplace’

‘Healing since 1888’ (Tagline that show how long the company exist can help to give prestige to the company. But this only works well if the age of the company does affect the quality of the product/service.)

Tagline #4 – Question The Audience

Taglines can also pose a question to the reader. The answer to the question is usually what the company can provide.

However, this type of tagline is risky for two reason. Firstly, if your question is too abstract, audience might not get your message. Secondly, audience might not want to even spend time cracking your tagline code in the first place.

For example:

Verizon: Can You Hear Me Now? Good. (The unique selling point of Verizon is its phone is able to gain service everywhere. Instead of pointing it out directly, it uses a customer’s voice to highlight it.)

Do your dog want DBiscuit? (Insert your product directly into the tagline for a clear and direct answer.)

Tagline #5 – Reveal Customers’ Emotions


By revealing customers’ emotions when they use the products/services, you are invoking your potential customers’ feelings too. This type is more customer-oriented. 

For example:

L’Oreal: ‘Because you’re worth it’ (This targeted consumers sense of self-worth)

McDonald: ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ (It explains why people continue to eat McDonald even when they know it’s unhealthy.) 


There are many different types of taglines out there. Some works, some don’t. Do share some of your favourite tagline with us!

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