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Cyrus Yung

PPC Marketing Specialist Cyrus Yung has been generating sales & marketing leads through Pay-Per-Click marketing via Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing & Bing…
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On Page SEO Banner

Proven On Page SEO (Improve 38.69% Traffic in 6 Months)

Today, I will be sharing a detailed plan with you regarding how Ascelade helped a food blogger by optimizing on page SEO on…
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Will SEO Continue Even Without PageRank?

Google seems to have confirmed by the end of the last year that it is not going to bring in further updates to…
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Matt Cutts: Links Will Lost Importance In Ranking In Future

With all the testings to make Google search engine even better and relevant, Google will find ways that will give users the most…
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Colour Theory Basics

Everyone should know some basic knowledge of colours. Even if you are not a designer, as a client, having knowledge of colours will…
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