Today, I will be sharing a detailed plan with you regarding how Ascelade helped a food blogger by optimizing on page SEO on her blog, which led to 38.69% improvement in search traffic within 6 months. Even though the blogger uses WordPress, the principles of On Page SEO apply to all website platforms out there. […]

Google seems to have confirmed by the end of the last year that it is not going to bring in further updates to the PageRank indicator present in the Google Toolbar. The announcement was made by John Mueller of Google Switzerland (Watch video below). This recent development from the world of Google has made many businesses wonder about the future of SEO and its importance.

With all the testings to make Google search engine even better and relevant, Google will find ways that will give users the most relevant results. Google is finding ways to determine which web pages have the requirement of an expert sharing content.

Everyone should know some basic knowledge of colours. Even if you are not a designer, as a client, having knowledge of colours will allow you to make a well-informed decision and appreciate the colours used. This article intends to share with you the colours types, colour harmonies, and colour temperature.

Ascelade recently received our first PIC claim from IRIS! What is PIC all about?

PIC is a short form of “Productivity and Innovation Credit”. It is where our Singapore government gives a certain amount of money (for productivity and innovation only) for our local SMEs yearly. As of now, the maximum a Singapore registered business can claim up to $100,000 in the business financial year. 60% of the claim will be reimburse back to the company within the financial year. Click here to find out more.

Recently Matt Cutts, the head of head spam in Google shared a video answering a question (How can I guest blog without it looking like I pay for links?) regarding guest blogging on other sites and linking back to your own.

A company tagline is usually seen with your company name and logo. It can range from one to three short sentences.

There are 3 main uses of the tagline:

1) It helps to convey your company’s goal, value or unique selling preposition.

(Reinforces the company’s message.)

2) It helps to show brand personality.

3) It helps to differentiate your company from competitors.

Since we know the advantages of having a tagline, now let’s take a look at the common types of tagline. You may use them as a guide or inspiration.

“On Page” Optimization involves structuring certain elements on a web page to increase the relevancy of the web page in the search engines. This involves 3 steps: Keyword Placement, Use Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords & Internal Linking .

1) Keyword Placement

Where you place your keywords matters as you will attract more visitors to your site and provide a better user experience for them. You should have a variety of ways to express your keywords and place them at:

Google Panda (named after a Google engineer’s nickname) algorithm was introduced on 23rd February 2011 by Google. It’s main aim was to target “content farms”, designed to penalize websites with ‘thin’ content, and pages with very high ad-to-content ratios. Google Panda caused a lot of siring in the SEO world, where a lot of websites (sites that fit into what Google Panda is targeting) were not found on the SERPs in Google. Thus their traffic went down almost to zero in a day.

You may find “Google Penguin” a cute name, but it has since toppled the dominance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) such as black hat SEO and white hat SEO. The differences between these two is that white hat SEO sensationalize web content which can hurt potential and existing clients and marketers whereas black hat SEO focused on familiarizing with Google search tactics with lesser creativity than white hat SEO.