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Ascelade Receives Our First PIC Claim!!!

Ascelade recently received our first PIC claim from IRIS! What is PIC all about? PIC is a short form of "Productivity and Innovation…
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Guest Blogging Advices According To Google

Recently Matt Cutts, the head of head spam in Google shared a video answering a question (How can I guest blog without it…
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5 Different Types Of Tagline

A company tagline is usually seen with your company name and logo. It can range from one to three short sentences. There are…
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“On-Page” Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

“On Page” Optimization involves structuring certain elements on a web page to increase the relevancy of the web page in the search engines.…
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Google Panda Algorithm: What Not and What To Do

Google Panda (named after a Google engineer's nickname) algorithm was introduced on 23rd February 2011 by Google. It's main aim was to target…
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