Call Tracking

Call Tracking

The main purpose of call tracking is to track phone calls. 

Over the years, organizations have been using Google Analytics in order to track orders and leads.

They have also used the said tool to cover phone leads that they may have overlooked initially. However, with call tracking software it is possible for companies to monitor how their callers have been behaving. This programme can also be used to determine the marketing source, which has been attracting customers.

What are the benefits of call tracking?

There are several benefits of using call tracking facilities. First of all, it helps you reduce what may be termed marketing waste. One of the biggest impediments for the growth of any business is the amount of resources wasted for marketing. With the proper call tracking facilities you, as an organization, will be able to identify areas where your resources are being wasted and then divert the same to areas that are productive from the point of view of your business.

It is also possible to improve sales processes with the help of call tracking. You can actually assess how effectively your sales team is performing since call tracking records the conversations between the operators and your clients or customers. You can also use this facility to target the proper advertisements. With call tracking you can actually track which calls will generate leads. You can also identify which advertisements will generate a high rate of conversion and use this data to spend for your marketing. 

Industries that should use call tracking

Home Services

Home services are one area where call tracking is used a lot. There are plenty of professions such as plumbing, painting, landscaping, cleaning, flooring, and installation of doors and windows where call tracking comes in extremely handy. When professionals connected to the home improvement industry track their calls they are able to get an increasing amount of information. In all the above mentioned areas planning is done over the phone and this is why call tracking can be so useful.  

Mortgages and Loans

Mortgages and loans are also one domain that needs a greater amount of call tracking. The process of personal financial management can get quite complicated for most and they need professional help. Now, since this is an important issue, most people rely on direct conversation rather than internet to clarify their doubts and get proper advice. The food and beverages industry should also use call tracking more often.

Information Technology

Information technology is also one domain where call tracking should be used more often. This is one industry where there are plenty of phone calls owing to the longer cycles, more complicated offerings and products, and specific questions that can only be answered on phone rather than the content that is there on the website. With proper call tracking they would be able to perform better evaluation and thus model their PPC campaigns accordingly. 

Call Tracking

Call tracking is also important in the legal industry. There are lots of competitors on the internet and every click can be fairly costly. All the phone calls also carry a lot of value in this regard. If you can get a new client you can make a significant amount of profit. However, the only problem here is that the law firms do not spend much on call tracking often enough.

Hotels and Travel

Hotels and travel need to use call tracking more often. Marketers in this domain should be aware of the fact that phones are used most of the time for booking the hotels. The major problem with their preferred mode of operation – paid search – is that the results may not always be the best. In most cases reservation of tables is also done over the phone. 


SaaS is one industry where there are plenty of phone calls, which happen to be integral parts of the sales process. A major part of this happens because of PPCs. This is why it is even more important to track the phone calls. It helps the marketing team perform better since they have access to greater data pertaining to their customers. In this industry, purchase happens over phone and not much on the site.

Real Estate

Real estate is also one industry that should use call tracking much more since it yields much more profits than forms on one’s website. Mostly people do not look for homes on the internet. They pick up the phone and call the real estate agent that they know. Since it is a major life decision it is not done online without factors such as trust and verification that may not be found aplenty in cyberspace. 


Education is also one industry that is present at so many levels and one where the sales cycle, so to speak, can be rather long. A lot of research is done by the parents and guardians of the student before taking a decision and a significant part of that happens on the phone as well. Once again there is the question of trust, something that is not always placed in the online medium.


The automotive industry is also one where people make a lot of phone calls when they are doing the research and trying to determine which car to avail. This is why it is important that call tracking should be done over here and to a greater extent than is already being done. In fact, there are a lot more processes in the automotive industry than just buying and selling such as repairs.

Dental and Cosmetic Surgery

Dental and cosmetic surgery is another area where call tracking is fairly necessary. In this particular industry it is always important to be visible on Google and also have facilities to capture phone calls. Online conversation does not happen that much in case of dental and cosmetic surgery. There are lots of details that may not be there on the website.   

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